Long awaited project page arrives

Well, I finally got rid of my laziness. Well, at least for most of the weekend. The lame Inheritance.js project page has finally been updated. There is now some real content there, not just some lame page saying there is "more to come in just a little while". Head on over to pick up the javascript file and see the latest explanation of what Inheritance.js can do for you.

What''s in store for the future? Well, I''ve decided that I want to devote a portion of my free time, no matter how little there is, to working on open source software. I feel that I have a lot more I could contribute to the community of developers out there. I have my eyes on a few specific projects that I would like to get involved with, but we shall see if that works out. In terms of what the future holds for Inheritance.js, well I plan to get some sort of issue tracking system up in place. I don''t expect there to be many issues, but inevitably there will be. An issue tracking system would also be a great place for people to post suggestions for improvements and other ideas regarding the enhancement of this library. So stay tuned over the next little while for another update in that regard.

As a side note, I have submitted Inheritance.js as one of Prototype''s "best built-with-Prototype third-party libraries". With any luck, hopefully you''ll see Inheritance.js on the official Prototype list when it comes out.