Now on Google Code

I have become increasingly busy (a.k.a. lazy), and no longer wish to maintain a darcs repository or setup some sort of issue tracking. So I have left that up to google. The project is now hosted over at

Over the next few days I will be updating the project page hosted here and moving more things over to google code. As of right now, the entire source tree is in revision control over there along with the latest 2.3 version download (contains the new Singleton stuff).

Feel free to start leaving tickets.

UPDATE: I got a little ahead of myself here. I accidently let some experimental code into the 2.3 release. If you have already downloaded the 2.3 release please upgrade to version 2.4.

For the curious, version 2.3 contained two versions of the new singleton method. In version 2.4 I moved what was labeled singleton2 into the singleton method and removed all references to singleton2.